Description: C:\Users\James\Desktop\kirby\clover.jpg”Your company has always done an excellent job, this is why we choose you in the first place. We watched the trash trucks go around the neighborhood. Your guys consistently took all and made sure if anything fell out or was droped on the ground, all was cleaned up..taking that extra step is why I have recommended you many times to others in my neighborhood and my church.”     Rosemary S. – Taylors, SC

Description: C:\Users\James\Desktop\kirby\clover.jpgYou guys are awesome….”  Cathy H. – Greer, SC

Description: C:\Users\James\Desktop\kirby\clover.jpg”Service is wonderful, so glad I changed and spend money with a local company, even the wife is pleased!”   Paul L. – Taylors, SC

Description: C:\Users\James\Desktop\kirby\clover.jpg”Thanks for the great service! We will recommend you to all our friends!”   Audra G. – Taylors SC

Description: C:\Users\James\Desktop\kirby\clover.jpg”Your driver always goes the extra mile to help us out.”  Dennis H. – Gaffney, SC

Description: C:\Users\James\Desktop\kirby\clover.jpg”They did a great job! Thanks You”  Jackie J. – Greenville, SC

Description: C:\Users\James\Desktop\kirby\clover.jpg”Great Service”  Tammy W. – Taylors, SC

Description: C:\Users\James\Desktop\kirby\clover.jpg”Thank you so much for your excellent no-fuss service” Angie K. – Greenville, SC

Description: C:\Users\James\Desktop\kirby\clover.jpg”Thanks for your great service! Much better than what we had before you!” Teresa D. – Simpsonville, SC

Description: C:\Users\James\Desktop\kirby\clover.jpg”My husband and I would like to thank all of the Kirby employees who work so diligently and put forth extra effort to keep our refuse picked up this past winter. We know your task was extremely trying at times. We assure everyone that they can count on Kirby. Thank you once again.” Phil and Judy T. – Taylors, SC

Description: C:\Users\James\Desktop\kirby\clover.jpg”Thank you to your last week for the pick up of our recycling. The wind had blown our items all over and your workers took the time to collect everything. Many thanks for a job well done… above and beyond!” Kari E. – Greer, SC

Description: C:\Users\James\Desktop\kirby\clover.jpg”Imagine the shock when I saw one of the men pulling my cart to the truck. He told me that they had came by earlier and saw my can down the hill but traffic was heavy and they had came back to pick up the mess and my empty can!” Kathleen W. – Taylors SC

 Description: C:\Users\James\Desktop\kirby\clover.jpg”You have no idea how much their (Kirby’s Employees) excellent service has meant to me. They represent your company in the finest way possible and I thought you should know.” Kathleen W. – Taylors SC

Description: C:\Users\James\Desktop\kirby\clover.jpg”What amazing personalized service! There has been NO ONE, in the past with follow-through such as your service!! Thank you very much” Laura L. – Taylors SC

Description: C:\Users\James\Desktop\kirby\clover.jpg”EXCELLENT IDEA…alerting your customers to the change (Holiday)!! Never experienced this type of consideration prior… Thumbs Up!! Laura L. – Taylors SC